About us

SunGIS is designed to combine industry professionals with a wide range of expertise, knowledge and interest in the development of geospatial solutions. We have created a great team that sets ambitious goals, loves challenges, and wants to help you get the latest technological opportunities to your advantage.

Our competence

We are experts in all matters that relate to application, use, adaptation and development of geospatial data. More than 15 years of experience in this field has allowed us to come across many issues and create at least a twice as many solutions.

Our values




Every day, each meeting with the client teaches us something new. This new knowledge allows you to create unprecedented solutions for the development of services and programs.



We believe that we and our clients are one team that seeks to evolve and be effective in fulfilling every task. Mutual trust is the basis of our long-term co-operation with our customers and team-mates.



Our team believes that there are several possible solutions in every situation. That’s why we strive to point to each of them, going into the issues by their nature.


Long-term thinking

We believe that in today’s fast-changing world, long-term thinking and planning is needed. With a long-term perspective, we run SunGIS, develop systems, and build partnerships with every customer.